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Our Founder, Catherine Bernard tackles everything she does with energy, passion, and conviction.  Her belief that the Criminal Justice System all too often creates victims led her to form Spartacus Legal Foundation.

Catherine Bernard is a Brookhaven attorney specializing in indigent defense and constitutional advocacy. She was born in Virginia and moved to Georgia in 1999 to attend Emory University. After graduating with a degree in philosophy and political science, she attended law school at the University of Virginia and returned to her home in Georgia to practice civil litigation at Rogers & Hardin in downtown Atlanta.

In 2009, she became a public defender in Dublin, Georgia and developed a deep appreciation for the challenges faced by the poorest and most vulnerable Georgians — most of which are caused by big government.

In 2013, Catherine found her new home in Ashford Park, Brookhaven along with her husband Eric. A passionate advocate for protecting constitutional rights and ensuring government accountability, she immediately became active in local community outreach throughout DeKalb County that continues to this day.

In 2014, Catherine was the Chair of the Brookhaven Redevelopment Referendum Committee and led the way in successfully defeating Redevelopment Powers Law in November 2014. A major victory for the citizens of the new city of Brookhaven who made their voices heard by voting in favor of more local control and smaller government. Catherine saw the need for local accountability and transparency and acted accordingly. Seeing the problems big government brings on the local level also led Catherine to express her concerns at the State legislator.

In 2015 once again realizing big government programs were being created at a tremendous cost to Georgia citizens, Catherine testified before the Georgia General Assembly on several important issues, including a successful effort to prevent no-knock warrants being codified in Georgia Law.