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What now, Governor?

How far are you going to take this? I’m sure by now you realize the eyes of the Nation, if not the World, are on Georgia … and on you, in particular.

As I read “Everybody has to make their own decision. I would point out, however, that in the truest tradition of civil disobedience – Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. – the real emphasis of civil disobedience is accepting the punishment to what you consider to be unjust. I’ll leave it at that.”, I was astounded. You have made criminals out of the very people HB1 was designed to help, yet you cite the names of Bapu Ghandi and Dr. King, two men who dedicated their lives to ending injustice and suffering?

You presume to lecture on Civil Disobedience, when your intransigence is the cause of it. The real emphasis of Civil Disobedience is not “accepting the punishment” sir, it is the WILLINGNESS to accept that punishment. That willingness was displayed time and time again during the first hearing on HB722. It was displayed by the parents, spouses, siblings and friends of these patients, who openly admitted they are defying Federal and Georgia Law because you and your cronies are forcing them into doing so. You are denying SAFE, LEGAL medication to these people. It’s hard for me to fathom how you can issue a veiled threat of arrest to Representative Allen Peake. Allen is a man of obvious compassion, a man who has put it on the line and it is insulting that you malign him.

As a retired USAF Veteran, I’m especially disappointed in you. I’m not the only Vet that feels this way. It’s amazing what some old non-coms can do when there’s a mission to accomplish, and you have certainly given the suffering Veterans in Georgia a mission. We WILL stand for ourselves in this issue. More importantly, we will stand for the other patients in Georgia. We will stand for Jagger Cotte, Kason Jiles, Katie Crosby, Haleigh Cox, Victoria Lowe, Christina Cusak and all the other victims of the Injustice you are perpetrating here. I’m not talking Armed Insurrection, so no need to put the National Guard on standby.
Whatever happens now, the blame or the praise lies squarely on your shoulders, sir. We have tried the legal route. We depended on the Legislative Process to do the right thing, and it has failed us, despite the best efforts of those less parochial than you. You have left us no choice.
In closing, I’d like to remind you that history may very well vilify you if you stay your present course. That’d be a shame. Georgia has progressed in many ways under your leadership, despite what your detractors say. Are you going to let those accomplishments be overshadowed by what appears to be a callous soul? I pray not. This could be a shining moment for you, and Georgia.

Slippery slope or not, in-State cultivation, processing, testing and research is the only JUST way to proceed.

Jerald T. (Tom) McCain
Executive Director
Spartacus Legal Foundation

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  1. As Co-Founder of Temple Builders Followers of The Way
    i will be lifting you and your organization up in prayer. i may not be able to support monetarily but i reach many people sharing the word of Our Father and Speaking in Truth and Love. Peace
    Let it GROW, Governor, Let it Grow GA. it is time we the people, the children of God were allowed to give thanks for all that the Creator has given us.
    it is time to STAND on our first Amendment Right.

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