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What now, Governor? How far are you going to take this? I’m sure by now you realize the eyes of the Nation, if not the World, are on Georgia … and on you, in particular. As I read “Everybody has to make their own decision. I would point out, however, that in the truest tradition of civil disobedience – Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. – the real emphasis of civil disobedience is accepting the punishment to what you consider to be unjust. I’ll leave it at that.”, I was astounded. You have made criminals out of the very people HB1 was designed to help, yet you cite the names of Bapu Ghandi and Dr. King, two men who dedicated their lives to ending injustice and suffering? You presume to lecture on Civil Disobedience, when your intransigence is the cause of it. The real emphasis of Civil Disobedience is not “accepting […]