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Mission Statement

Spartacus Legal Foundation, Inc. was founded by criminal defense attorney Catherine Bernard as a nonprofit organization (seeking 501(c)(3) status) formed to provide assistance to individuals who are experiencing hardship as a result of their contact with the criminal justice system; to provide support to attorneys representing such individuals; to educate the larger community about the nature of these experiences; to solicit greater public engagement with the operations of the Criminal Justice System; and to provide broad advice, consultation, and support to elected and appointed officials regarding best practices for the maintenance of a just and peaceful society.

Our mission is to connect these victims with principled legal representation and to highlight their stories, broadcasting them to a wider audience.  We strive to help victims of injustice obtain fair treatment in the Courts of Law as well as in the Court of Public Opinion.

We believe that ending over-criminalization and halting police militarization are essential to the reform of the Criminal Justice System.  To that end we are active in monitoring and opposing Bills which would increase, rather than decrease, the scope of Law Enforcement powers in Georgia.

Join us and help shape a future of peace and liberty for all members of society by holding law enforcement and the Criminal Justice System accountable to the Constitution and common sense.